Frequently asked questions

How does WatchYa! work?

WatchYa! is designed for the saftey of your children. The watch connects to your smart phone where you are able to control and limit features. A nano SIM card (not included in purchase) is required for data, calls and SMS.

What is school mode?

School mode allows you the flexbility to limit watch features and restrict times that it can be used. It is perfect for school time and events to limit distractions and increase concentration.

Are there any lock in contracts of fees?

There are no lock in contracts or fees and the WatchYa! app is free. The watch is unlocked to any network and you can chose any network provider you like.

Can my child call anyone?

No. Your child can only call and sms numbers that are saved to their contact list. Contact lists can be updated at anytime from the app.